IHS Computer Science Club is Irvington High's premier student-led STEM club.

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Our Mission

We aim to create and foster an interest in computer science amongst Irvington students through lectures, hands-on projects, competitions, hackathons, and more!

AP Computer Science

We offer a free AP Computer Science course through Canvas Instructure. Taught by Irvington students who have received a 5 on the AP examination, our course provides a complete curriculum with assignments, practice tests, and lectures. We offer both physical in-person classes afterschool at the Career Center and online options.

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TECH Talks

Our TECH Talks series features monthly guest speakers from tech companies, academic institutions, and nonprofits around the Bay Area. Irvington students get to interact with industry professionals and ask questions while learning about the variety of career choices available in the field of computer science.

Hackathons and Competitions

We organize and attend high school hackathon events where students can collaborate and compete with like-minded peers throughout the Bay Area. We also offer preparation for USACO and coding interview tests through bi-monthly mock competitions.

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Student Projects


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Nonprofit and Tech Company Partnerships

Our Services

IHS Computer Science Club has something to offer for each and every Irvington student, no matter how much prior programming experience you have!

Open Source Projects

We launch open source projects with students as part of our innovative Moonshot program.

Peer Support

Whether it's a programming question or a complex project, club members work together and help each other out.

Classes and Lectures

We offer a multitude of educational opportunities through tutorials that are crafted and delivered by students.

Community Service

Irvington students receive community service hours teaching elementary school students how to code.

Club Collaboration

Computer Science Club collaborates with ASG and other clubs to assist with projects including web development.

Leadership Opportunities

We offer passionate students the opporunity to apply for our officer team and attain club leadership positions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some questions that parents and students frequently ask us. If you have other questions about the club, please join our Facebook Group or shoot us an email via the contact form below!

Do students need prior programming experience to join the club?

Absolutely not! In fact, many of our members join us with no prior programming experience but graduate senior year as coding ninjas. We'll have something to offer you no matter what your skill level is!

Do you need to be part of Irvington's ITA family or take certain courses to join the club?

Although we are affiliated with Irvington ITA, club membership is available for anyone who wants to join, even over the school year. There are no requirements for applying to become a club member.

How can I get a leadership position within the club?

We hold officer applications twice a year to invite passionate and dedicated students to join club leadership. Officer applications include a separate application process followed by an interview.

What are the time commitments for the club?

It depends on how many activities you participate in. While most members spend around 1-3 hours per week on club activities, officers spend additional time working to organize activities. We have weekly meetings Friday during lunch in Room 72.

What happens if I miss a meeting or cannot attend events?

We understand that you're a busy high school student so we offer you excused absences. Members are expected to attend at least two meetings per month and at least five events throughout the school year.

Do I need a laptop to participate in club activities and events?

As a high school student, you're allowed to bring your own laptop to school. While having a laptop handy with you at school is helpful and convenient, we provide computers for students who cannot bring their own devices to school.

Contact us

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